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Clubs and Organizations

1. Beginning Violin
Jessica Lopez - music teacher 830-221-2217
Mondays and Tuesdays 3:05-4:05pm
Beginner violin class starts with the basic fundamentals of the violin and progresses through the pizzicato and arco stages. We end the year with a fusion of accompanied solos and ensembles at our last get-together with an audience of loved ones! 
2. Beginning guitar 
Jessica Lopez - music teacher 830-221-2217
 Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:05-4:05pm
 Beginner guitar begins with basic and easy chords and tablature. We cross several genres throughout our journey with this new instrument including folk songs, rock, and touch on classical guitar ensembles. We end the year with a talentful show of solo and ensemble work to show off just a tad! 
3. Patrols 
Grant Kimbrough
Patrols is a student organization, sponsored by Coach Kimbrough that is open for applications to 4th Graders for active membership in their 5th Grade year. Patrols are students who exhibit leadership skills, trustworthiness, and school pride. The main role of student patrols at GFES is to insure the safety of fellow students while promoting leadership skills and building positive role models for younger students to look up to. Patrols accomplish this by facilitating arrival and dismissal duties at the beginning and end of the day, monitoring areas of the school, and assisting teachers and staff in the functions of the school in any way possible.
 4.  Intramural Volleyball/Basketball 
Grant Kimbrough
Comal ISD provides a unique opportunity to 4th and 5th Grade students with Intramural Sports. 4th and 5th Grade boys and girls can join through their campus to take part in Co-Ed Volleyball each Fall and Co-Ed Basketball each Spring at the low cost of $10 that also includes an Intramural Sports T-shirt. Each season is 6 weeks long with each team permitted a one-hour practice once a week and a minimum of 2 games each Saturday morning at one of Comal ISD’s Middle Schools.
5. Chess Club
Dana MacRoberts
(830) 221-2200
Daily 7:00am-7:30 in the library (unless library is closed)
Students are welcome to play chess against other students and learn some new strategies